Top Ten Beauty Youtubers

I love watching beauty youtubers or “gurus” as they are called on YouTube. They help me to discover new products, learn new makeup techniques and just gain beauty knowledge in general. On top of that, most of them have great personalities and are really enjoyable to watch! Here is a list of my top ten favorite beauty youtubers, be sure to check them all out!
Essiebutton – Estee is a Canadian living in London. She is hilarious and always has the best recommendations, she is hands down my favorite beauty guru! Anything she recommends, is going to be a good product! She also has a greyhound named Reggie, who is not beauty related but adorable none the less. 
Beautybaby44 – Lindsey is one of the youngest beauty youtubers I follow but her style and videos are really fun and high quality! She is a FIDM student living in LA and is always up on the latest trends. She always has a ton of hauls from trendy stores and makeup tutorials that her followers request. Her sister is also on YouTube and they often collaborate, so fun!
Emilynoel83 – Emily is a tv news personality turned Youtube beauty guru. She is so down to earth and honest, I always trust her reviews. She does a variety of reviews from drugstore to high-end, so there is something for everybody. She also has her husband Tyler, review men’s products on Fridays which is so funny and informative!
Leighannsays – Leighann is a beauty guru from Texas! She makes videos on almost everything: favorite self tanners, Target hauls, palette reviews, hair tutorials, nail polish swatchings, teeth whitening routine… the list is endless. She is also really funny and quirky, definitely easy to watch and relate with. Unlike some of the other gurus, she also has a full-time job. I think that makes the viewer appreciate all of her hard work even more!

Makeupbytiffanyd – Tiffany is another southern girl and she is so lovely! She is definitely into high-end things but it’s fun to watch her talk about something that I could probably never afford. She has been on YouTube for a long time and there is a reason why! She has great advice and a very charming personality!

Rachhloves – Rachel, another Canadian, is hilarious! She’s not afraid to mess up on camera and I think that really shows her down to earth personality. She uses a lot of more affordable products to do simple but beautiful looks. And her name is Rachel, so obviously she is amazing!

Amelialiana – Amelia is a Brittish youtuber that is not afraid to talk about the other side of beauty: deodorant, tampons, shaving… so much more than just makeup! She is also super honest, and is not afraid to say when she doesn’t like a product. She often teams up with Estee from essiebutton and the two of them together make fantastic videos!

Ilikeweylie – Weylie is a California based youtuber who, like Amelia and Estee, is not afraid to discuss anything! She is brutally honest and always seems so open to try new things. Weylie also features a lot of DIY and houseware videos on her channel, which I love!

Viviannadoesmakeup – Anna is a London based youtuber who is all about simple! Her wardrobe consists of only black and white (her picture is so fitting!), and her makeup routine is often natural and easy. Her videos feature a good mix of high-end and drugstore, making them accessible to everyone!

Glamlifeguru – Tati’s videos are the place to look for all things drugstore! She reviews new drugstore products all the time and goes on “Drugstore Dashes” in which she tries to use coupons and sales to spend the least amount of money on makeup. She also does really fantastic eye makeup tutorials and gives great recommendations for affordable hair products.

Are there any beauty youtubers you watch all the time?
I would love to hear some of your suggestions down in the comments!

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