Budget Binder

Budget Binder

I often think that I may have a slight shopping addiction… which does not exactly work when I’m trying to save money. I’m hoping that if I write down all of my purchases, it will make me more accountable to the random Target runs I make far too often. With the new year right around the corner, what better time to start tracking my spending. To start my saving spree out right, I found some free printables online and printed out my own budget planning pages! I found these printables on a site called Thirty Handmade Days. You can print off these pages yourself here.

The budget binder has pages to input your yearly, monthly and weekly income and spending. It also has sections for savings, outstanding debt and meal planning. I think it would be really useful for anyone that is trying to save money, plan healthy and cheap meals or just see where it is all of your paycheck is going. I love planning out what I want to make for the week and then creating a grocery list with all the ingredients I’ll need to make the meals. I feel like the meal planning section is a little out of left field but I really like it so I decided to leave it in. The best part about making your own budget binder using printables is you can leave in or take out what you want. The one bad part about printing the pages yourself is that you also have to cut out and hole punch the page. That is why mine doesn’t look perfect or amazing But, in the spirit of saving money, I’ll just leave it how it is. I haven’t started to use the binder yet but I think that it will be super helpful. I’ll be sure to write an update a few months after I start using it.

Do you have any other ideas for effectively tracking your spending?
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