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Lately I have been feeling a bit disorganized. I would write appointments in my phone’s calendar, bill due dates on my work calendar and anything else I was writing on a sticky note and throwing it in my pocket. Obviously, by having everything scattered around I was forgetting things and misplacing those sticky notes. Not efficient at all! I always enjoyed using a planner as a student because I was able to keep track of everything in one compact place. That got me thinking, why can’t I use a planner as an adult? It would really help me to stay organized and help me to remember everything I need and want to do. So I bought one on Amazon and decided to decorate it a little… or a lot.

Because I just got my planner, I am still transferring over some of the things I have written in my notebook. I got this notebook for my birthday from my boyfriend’s sister (Thanks Becca!) and have been using it  to keep track of random things like blog ideas and lists. I am a list addict so I may continue to use this notebook along with my planner just for some extra list making room.

On to the planner, it is an 16 month planner from Peter Pauper Press. It goes from September 2014 – December 2015, which is perfect because I only had to skip a couple weeks to get started. I had been watching some Youtube videos about Filofaxs and while I liked how customizable they are, I wanted to start out with something easy and cheap. I was drawn to this one because it was small, not spiral-bound and the cover was special artist edition. Out of the box, the planner is nice and simple but pretty boring. It has the week on 2 pages and also 2 months at a glance in the bottom right box. It really needed some customization, cue the craft supplies!

I started out with some washi tape to add some color and pattern to my pages. Washi tape can be found almost anywhere, The ones I have are from Target, Michaels and Rite-Aid. It is a great inexpensive way to make your pages more visually appealing.

 Next, I got some stickers! I didn’t want to be doing too much pasting into my planner because I think it has the potential to get bulky quickly. Stickers provide a thin, already sticky alternative! Because I am a designer and love customizing things, I bought some return address labels and created my own stickers! It was really easy and if anyone would like, I can do a post about it. By doing this I could have stickers for things I do often, like pay bills or post blogs. I also created stickers with 3 water drops on each, to monitor my daily water intake (I strive to fill up my 28oz water bottle 3 times).

Although I said I was not fond of pasting a lot of paper into my planner, I did get a few things that I will use sparingly. I got this huge paper pack from Michael’s for only $5! It was originally $20, and has gold metallic accents so I couldn’t resist. The post-it flags are mostly for lists that I write throughout the day but don’t need them permanently in the planner. I can just write down a few things, store it in the planner and then throw it away. The “You have found some great stuff” things, are actually little pockets that I may or may not use.

Last, I have all the rest of my planner stuff. Obviously I need something to write with and I am trying to do a color-coded system. I picked these PaperMate Ink Joy pens up at Target and they seem to be working well (Although I prefer PaperMate Profile). The other accessories include a hole punch, some ribbon, a couple stamps, a chalkboard marker, an exacto knife, fancy paperclips and an adhesive tape roller.

I realize this seems like a lot of supplies just for one little planner but I really think decorating and investing some time into how it looks, will keep me wanting to use it. I enjoy the project of making the planner look exactly how I want, so all of these supplies are worth it to me.

Do you use a planner? If so, do you decorate it or just leave it as-is? Let me know in the comments!

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