Love & Beauty Shades of Love Eye Palette Review

Love & Beauty Shades of Love Eye Palette Review

Hey there, readers! Today I have a review of a very budget friendly neutral eye palette. This is the ‘Shades of Love’ eye shadow palette from Love & Beauty, which is Forever 21’s beauty brand. I got this palette for Christmas but it is still available on the site for only $8.80. Check it out!

First. let me back up and give you a little back story on this palette. I am constantly coveting eye shadow palettes. Lorac Pro, Naked (1,2 & 3!), Too Faced Chocolate Bar… the list goes on. There are two things that all of those palettes have in common: the are mainly neutral colors and they are all over $40. Yikes! I’m sure for some girls that would be a great investment and they wouldn’t bat an eye at spending extra money on a high-end palette of great quality shadows. For me, I honestly don’t wear powder eye shadows most days (Maybelline Color Tattoo!) so the price to experiment is just too high. I wanted something that I could play around with and sharpen my eye shadow skills before dropping a ton of money on a fancy palette. That’s where this Love & Beauty palette comes in.

Let’s start with the color selection. Much like those high-end palettes, this one has a large selection of neutral shades in a mix of shimmers and mattes. This contains 18 shadows, which is actually more than any of those more expensive palettes.

But are they nice? YES! They are so pigmented and buttery smooth, gliding on the eye so nicely. I will say that you do get a bit of fallout from the shimmery shadows but that’s sort of to be expected. These shadows blend out nicely and you can get some really nice color combinations from this. Below are a few that I’ve tried and really like. Maybe someday I’ll get a little more adventurous!

Overall, this palette is a great value for the price. If you divide it out, each shadow cost less than 50 cents! It’s perfect for someone just starting out or for a spare palette for travel. It even includes 2 mini eyeliners if you’re really in a pinch, but I have not tried them. I highly recommend you give this eye shadow palette a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Do you have any high-end products you want me to find a dupe for? Let me know!

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