Ray’s Favs – Budget Brush Brands & How I Clean My Brushes

Ray’s Favs – Budget Brush Brands & How I Clean My Brushes

After quite a break I think I can officially say…I’m back! I want to become a lot more dedicated to the blog and get back on my posting twice a week schedule. Today is the first post in a new series, I’m calling “Ray’s Favs”, which is essentially a post where I write about some of my favorite things. Pretty simple, right? Today’s topic is budget brush brands. I have a lot of brushes but my two favorite brands have to be Real Techniques and e.l.f. Both are affordable, readily available and great quality.

Real Techniques is a brand created by two Youtube beauty gurus, Sam and Nic from the channel Pixiwoo. The brushes are really amazing for the price and often come in value sets, so you get even more for your dollar. My two favorites, pictured above are the Expert Face Brush (far left) and the Blush Brush (third from left). I use both everyday and would recommend them to everyone. The Expert Face Brush is so nice for applying liquid foundation and the Blush Brush is so fluffy, it never applies too much blush. Real Techniques can be found at most drugstores, Target and Ulta.com. I actually bought the blush brush at my local Wegmans! Talk about accessible!

e.l.f. is a company founded on the idea that makeup should be high quality but also affordable. I remember the first time I placed an order on elf.com and being so excited for how much I could get for such little money. I was also skeptical, thinking “there has to be a catch, right?” But there wasn’t! Everything was really high quality, including the brushes! I bought the e.l.f Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection, which at the time was on sale for about $10 (regularly about $30). This was about 4 years ago and I still use some of the brushes daily. My two favorites are the Complexion Brush (far right) and the Blush Brush (second from left). The Complexion Brush is a perfect fluffy brush for applying setting powder and the Blush Brush, I actually use for bronzer! It is the perfect shape to get into the hollows of my cheeks to do a little contouring. You can purchase e.l.f brushes at Target or eyeslipsface.com.

Because we’re talking about brushes, I thought I would also throw in a little bit about how I clean my brushes. You’ll be glad to know it is a simple process that you can do with supplies you (probably) already have; water and clear hand soap.

How I Wash My Brushes:

1. Run some water until it gets to be a lukewarm temperature.
2. Dispense 2 pumps of clear hand soap onto your wet hand.
3. Wet your brush and swirl it into the soap on your hand.
4. Rinse brush thoroughly. Repeat 2 – 4 until water runs clean.
5. Check to make sure you can’t see any trace of old makeup on the brush.
6. Lay brush flat on a towel or washcloth to dry. You never want to let the brush dry vertically because water will loosen the glue that holds the bristles together and will cause the brush to shed.

That’s it! Super simple but really important for keeping your brushes in good condition and your face free of bacteria.

What are your favorite brush brands? Do you have a different way of cleaning them?
Let me know!

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