Target Clearance Haul

Target Clearance Haul
Hey there readers! Today I got to do one of my favorite things ever, shop at Target! I know, I know, I must live a very sad life if that is one of my favorite things but I find it really therapeutic. Along with being something I find comfort in, Target is a great place to find high-quality products at a great price. And if you’re like me, you can scour the store for even better deals than usual… CLEARANCE! I get so excited when I go down an aisle and see those little read stickers. The main reason I went to Target today was to use the Cartwheel deal for 20% off clearance clothing, shoes and accessories. So exciting! Check out what I picked up below!

As you can see, I picked up 6 items that were all on clearance. The original total for all of these things was $70.26. Yikes! I rarely pay full price for something at Target unless it’s something I really need and can’t live without. After the clearance reductions and the 20% off Cartwheel deal, my out of pocket total was $26.06! That’s a savings of 63%! Such a great deal.

Here’s a breakdown of all the prices:

Towel: Original – $2.79  Clearance Price – $2.08 (30% off)  Final – $2.08  Savings – $.71

Slippers: Original – $21.99  Clearance Price – $6.58 (70% off)  Final – $5.26  Savings – $16.73

Earrings: Original – $9.99  Clearance Price – $4.98 (50% off)  Final – $3.98  Savings – $6.01

Gloves: Original – $3.50  Clearance Price – $2.45 (30% off)  Final – $1.96  Savings – $1.54

Striped Shirt: Original – $12.00  Clearance Price – $6.00 (50% off)  Final – $4.80  Savings – $7.20

Floral Shirt: Original – $19.99  Clearance Price – $9.98 (50% off)  Final – $7.98  Savings – $12.01

Obviously, Target is the place to be if you are wanting to save a little money. I think it’s kind of fun too, like a treasure hunt! Haha! Unfortunately, today is that last day that the 20% off clearance Cartwheel deal is going on but, if you hurry you can still make it! If not, be sure to watch Cartwheel for other great offers. If you’re looking for some other ways to save at Target and beyond, be sure to check out my Money Saving Tips & Tricks!

Where is your favorite place to shop when you’re looking for a great deal! 
Let me know in the comments!

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