September Favorites – Non-Beauty Edition

On Saturday, I talked about my September beauty favorites and today I will be sharing everything else that I was loving in the month of September. If beauty products aren’t your thing, this is the post for you!
Autumn Harvest Limited Edition Candle (Target) – I picked this candle up at Target a few weeks ago because I was in need of a fall scent but hadn’t made it to Bath & Body Works yet. This candle doesn’t really seem to have a brand on it, so I’m guessing it’s a Target exclusive. I feel like this is a nice mix of the the B&BW candles “Leaves” and “Marshmallow Fireside,” which happen to be 2 of my favorite fall candle scents! It’s subtly smoky and very warm with a hint of cinnamon. So yummy! Although this has a nice scent, it’s not quite as strong as a B&BW 3 wick candle. If you’re looking for good fall scents, try out this one and the 2 I mentioned above.
Boom Chicka Pop. Lightly Sweet Popcorn – I LOVE KETTLE CORN! Although, this is not actually kettle corn, it has a nice sweetness that kettle corn has. It also has only 37 calories per cup, it doesn’t get much better than that. I eat this with my lunch everyday and have yet to get sick of it. Popcorn is just such a nice snack to munch on without all of the calories. 
Homemade Stickers (Made Using Avery Address Labels) – In my recent post about my planner, I showed some stickers I had made using Avery address labels. I wanted to be able to have stickers for activities I do often (water intake, rent due, pay day, blog post, etc.). I was going to try and print  some pre-made stickers but I couldn’t find any that worked for all of my needs. Being a crafty designer, I just made my own! You can download a handy template from and it has all of the stickers outlined already. You just make them whatever color you want and add text!   
Sportsline Digital Distance Tracker Pedometer – I’ve been interested in how much (or how little) I walk in a day recently but could not bring myself to spend $100 on a FitBit. This was a budget friendly alternative that I actually really like! For $15, this pedometer does everything I need it to do. It tracks steps, calories burned, distance in miles and time active. It recommends that you put it on your shoe but I mainly wear flats so that obviously won’t work. I usually just clip it on the waistband of my pants and it seems to be pretty accurate. I think it has actually made me more aware of how little I move during the day (desk job!) and makes me want to get more steps in. I would definitely recommend this, it can be found at Walmart. 
Local Fall Activities – This is a special insert from a local paper detailing all of the fall activities going on in the Rochester area. My boyfriend and I have been taking advantage of several of these recently and I can’t be more thrilled! Fall is the best and not having to go far to enjoy it makes it even better. Some of the activities include: going to Hilton Apple Fest, visiting Kelly’s Apple Farm, taking in the beauty of Letchworth State Park and sitting around the fire with a hot cider at Lux. I’m looking forward to doing so many more fall themed things next month! 
Merona Jill Ankle Chelsea Boots – I’ve been wanting to try ankle boots for some time now. I love boots in the fall but have rather wide calves so I find it hard to find taller boots that fit me. Ankle boots are a great alternative! They still give the same feel as taller boots but I don’t have to worry about them fitting my calves. I picked up these boots from Target (surprise, surprise!) and I am loving them so far. They definitely are a little out of my comfort zone but I like that! They take a few wears to break in but after that, they are very comfortable. Check them out!
So that wraps up the September Favorites posts! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I was enjoying in the month of September. Do you have any thoughts for what I should try out this month? Maybe your recommendation will make it into my next monthly favs!

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