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Besides makeup, saving money is probably my favorite thing ever. Before buying anything, there are a few tips and tricks you should know. Some of these may seem obvious but hopefully you will discover something new!
GENERAL MONEY SAVING WEBSITES – This is the first place I look if I plan to do any shopping, online or in-store. This site compiles printable coupons and also coupon codes from over 50,000 stores. There is no sign up needed, just go to the site, type the store into the search bar and you are shown all of the printables and codes in order of most to least successful. I just searched JCPenney and found an in-store $10 of $25 purchase printable! Awesome! (

Target Cartwheel – This website and app only work at Target stores. Cartwheel is a website and app that allows you to receive a percentage off items that you are buying in Target stores. Usually before I head to Target, I make a list of what I need and then go to Cartwheel to see if I can save some money on those items. This site requires you to login: you can connect it to Facebook or Google + or just use an email address. Once logged in, browse around the categories or search for something specific. I usually order the deals by discount (sort by: discount) to see what has the biggest percentage off. I believe you start out with 15 spots where you can add discounts and build up more as you use the website/app, I’m up to 20! The best part of Cartwheel is that you can use it on the go. If you forget to add something or you find some impulse buy that you NEED to have (more likely), you can just log into the app on your phone and search to see if there is a discount! I have saved about $32 so far using Cartwheel, definitely worth it! ( – Ebates can be a little tricky to explain, most people think it’s a scam when I tell them about it. I can assure you that it is NOT a scam and you actually get money back by shopping through the site, I’ve made over $50! This site requires you to create an account and then log in before you start shopping online. Stores offer a percentage back of what you spent and that fluctuates every day. To save the most, look through the ‘Deals of the Week,’ ‘Featured Stores’ and the ‘Ebates Daily Double.’ Most stores on a good day offer between 4% and 8% back but some offer up to 30%! Just login to your account, click on the store you are going to buy something from, then hit ‘Shop Now.’ This is how Ebates tracks how much you spend so they can add the offered percentage to you Big Fat Check! Every 3 months, they send out checks for the amount that you have accumulated! ( – Everyone knows what Amazon is so I don’t really need to explain it. If you’re looking for anything, literally anything, check Amazon first. Amazon usually has the best prices and you can get a 30 day trial of Prime for free 2 day shipping. (
Groupon & Livingsocial – Basically the same sites but both offer different deals. You set your area on each and it brings up deals for stores, restaurants and events near you. You pay a certain amount for the voucher, which is usually 40% or more off the value of the voucher. Then go to the place or event and present the voucher and recieve that amount off. For example get a Groupon for a $40 Dunkin Donuts but you only pay $20! Groupons and Livingsocial often have small print so be sure to read that! ( &
PRINTABLE COUPONS – offers hundreds of free printable coupons on name brand items. This site requires no login, so just browse through the categories to find coupons that work for you! One downfall of this site is that you can not search for a specific brand or product, you have to sift through all of the coupons in that category and hope you find something useful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great site, I just wish you could search. Overall, this site is great for toothpaste, shampoo, cleaning supplies, makeup… things you usually don’t buy the off-brand of. (
Target Printable Coupons – Go to and scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see a column that says ‘Ways to Save’ and under that you will see ‘Coupons.’ This is where you will find all of the printable coupons that Target has to offer. You can combine Target printable coupons with Cartwheel and the manufacturers coupons from AND your redcard discount! They basically pay me to shop at Target (or that’s what I tell myself). I usually forget to print these coupons and just use Cartwheel but, it’s a great option to save even more! (

Coupon Geek – This blog has printable coupons and deal alerts. I often find out about free things from this blog! For example, Starbucks recently offered half off frappacinos on certain days at a certain time. I would never have known about it, if I didn’t follow this blog! Check it out! (
WNY Deals & To Do’s – This blog is specifically for those who live in Western New York (sorry, everyone else!). This blog is very similar to Coupon Geek but it is much more specific to my area. Rather than seeing coupons and deals for stores in California, this shows deals for Tops & Wegmans! If you like the page on Facebook as well, other local shoppers will post local deals that they’ve gotten. Such a great site for those of us in WNY! (
Nouveau Cheap – This money saving blog is completely focused on beauty products, mostly from the drugstore. She posts new drugstore products, clearance sightings and online deals! I have found out about so many new or discounted products from this site, it’s crazy! (

1. Never shop hungry!
2. Always make a list, even if it’s 2 items long.
3. Ask if any of the stores you frequent have an email list, they always send coupons or sale alerts!
4. Always look through the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper.
5. Be sure to keep those coupons that print out at the register!
6. Always check the clearance section!
I hope this was helpful and that you learned something new! If you have anything to add, because I’m sure there is a lot I missed, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list!

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