New at the Drugstore: NYC

New at the Drugstore: NYC
New at the Drugstore: NYC | Hey There Ray
Today at Target I noticed a few new NYC products. NYC is a brand that is pretty accessible, it is available in most drugstores and is really inexpensive. When choosing between Wet n Wild, ELF or NYC, NYC is usually the last on my list but I thought I would give the brand a second chance with these new products. Out of the three products, there is a clear winner and loser, keep reading to find out what I thought.
1st Place: NYC City Proof Buildable Mascara – This is my favorite product of the bunch. It does exactly what it claims to do, crazy!  The package says that it is a builable mascara that can take you from day to night without clumping. One coat for me is subtle and daytime appropriate, no clumps in sight. I was able to do three coats and get a pretty bold look but still with no clumps! I’m really impressed! This mascara cost me about $3.50 and I think it is worth every penny. I haven’t done a long term test to see how it wears throughout the day but on first application, I love it!
It is nice and opaque, not too wet and the brush seems to separate well. I highly recommend you give it a try. 
2nd Place: NYC Smooth Skin BB Creme 5 in 1 Skin Perfector – This product is pretty good but not amazing. I got it in the shade 01 Light and it matches my skin really well. It adds a nice luminized effect to the skin and seems to slightly blur imperfections. This BB cream only offers light coverage, it definitely didn’t cover most of my redness. This is something I would wear on a no-makeup kind of day if I wanted to feel a little more put together but not put on a foundation. I like how it looks overall, but it leaves my skin feeling tacky, which I HATE! I think if I set this with a powder, it wouldn’t be so bad. Definitely not a product to run out and buy, but if it’s on sale then pick it up.
3rd Place: NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner – Ugh, this product is horrible. I got it in Soft Black, which was a mistake but I figured it would just be a little less harsh than regular black. I was wrong, it is gray. Not only is it gray but it is extremely sheer and hard to apply. I tried to do a few coats (which shouldn’t be necessary) and even then it did not build up to anything acceptable. I tried to swatch it on my hands a few times and even then it is a watery mess. Alas, this is the risk you take when buying drugstore makeup. Sometimes you get what you pay for! 
Have you spotted anything new at the drugstore you would like me to review? Let me know down in the comments!

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