Weekend Manicure

I’ve been a little under the weather lately, so I’m a little behind on my posting. Sorry about that! I usually strive for Wednesdays and Saturdays but Sunday will have to do. Today I decided to treat myself to a nice at-home manicure. 

First, I start by removing my gross old nail polish with some Up & Up brand nail polish remover. I hate the feeling that acetone leaves on my hands, so I always wash my hands after that. Then I clip and file my newly clean nails to a manageable length. I like to keep my nails on the shorter side.
Next I trim my cuticles, they tend to get a little out of control. This step is a little out of the ordinary, most people just push their cuticles back rather than actually cutting them. It can definitely be dangerous if you’re not careful but as long as you’re sure to just cut the really long pieces, you’ll be just fine. You can find one of these tools anywhere than nail polish is sold, I got mine from Rite-Aid. Just push the center of the ‘V’ onto the edge of the cuticle and push it across the bottom of your nail. So easy!
After trimming your cuticles, just push back anything you missed or that didn’t need to get cut. I usually put some lotion on my hands and cuticles to soften them up a bit. All of this cuticle grooming will really help to make your manicure look a lot neater. 
After your nails are all prepped and clean, paint on a base coat so your polish doesn’t stain your nails. Then I usually paint on 2 coats of polish and finish with a top coat. The base coat I used today is called Seche Clear, the nail polish is NYC Ocean Blue and the top coat is Seche Vite. I don’t usually use NYC nail polish because it tends to chip easily but this color was too pretty to pass up. 
After being sick, it felt nice to pamper myself a little. I love the feeling of freshly painted nails! Let me know in the comments what your favorite weekend pamper activity is!

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