DIY Tassel Garland

DIY Tassel Garland
I feel like I have been seeing tassel garland everywhere! It adds such a cute, whimsical touch that I knew I wanted to make some. After some searching, I found the perfect tutorial on HGTV and thought I would share my process with you. I made a couple small changes, so feel free to follow along. 
Supplies Needed:
Tissue Paper
Each sheet of tissue paper makes 2 tassels. Choose how many tassels you would like to make and divide that by 2. That is how many sheets you’ll need.
Start by folding a single piece of tissue paper in half.
And then fold it in half again, your paper should form a square.
Cut small strips in the paper, leaving about an inch uncut at the top.
When you’ve cut all of your strips, unfold the paper once and cut the entire thing in half. This is how you get 2 tassels out of one piece of paper. 
After cutting your tissue paper in half, open it up and lay it flat.
Then, just roll the paper up! This part seems easy but I had some trouble with my tassels getting tangled. Just roll it up and then straighten them out after.
Once you’ve rolled up the paper, tape the end down and fold it in half.
After you’ve created all of the tassels you need, you can start laying them out on a string. I just placed the string between the fold. Pretty simple!
Once you’ve spaced out the tassels perfectly, take some tape and wrap it around the fold to help the tassel stay in place.
Now you have a finished, whimsical tassel garland that you could use for any occasion! I chose to make mine silver and white for a New Years party but you could use any color to suit your needs, Perfect for birthday parties, kids rooms or really anywhere, Enjoy!
Are there any other DIYs you’d like me to try? Let me know down in the comments!

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