My Current Skincare Routine

 Today, I’m going to be talking about skincare. To give you a little bit of background on my skin, I’ll have to go back to middle school. I had pretty bad acne on my forehead and I had no idea what to do about it! I went from not washing my face at all to trying every acne cleanser Rite-Aid had available. Thankfully as I’ve gotten older, I’ve almost left the acne behind. I still get the occasional hormonal breakout and random pimple popping up, but overall my skin is pretty good. I would classify my skin as combination, I tend to get dry on my cheeks but very oily in my t-zone. I think the products & tools I have been using lately have really been working well for me, so I thought I would share!

 First, I have to remove my makeup. In the morning, I’ll just cleanse it off in the shower and remove my eye makeup with this Up & Up Eye Makeup Remover. It’s a pretty standard eye makeup remover that isn’t too oily and doesn’t really hurt if I accidentally get it in my eye (this happens too often!). At night, I like to use this olive oil and enzyme makeup removing balm from Skinn by Dimitri James. I got this generously sized sample from an Ipsy bag and I think this brand is rather hard to find. The drugstore has several cleansing balms or oils out that should work just as well. With this product, just squirt a small amount onto your hand and rub it all over your dry face. I like to focus on my face makeup and then at the very end rub it into my lids and lashes. It feels really weird at first but it does an amazing job at taking off waterproof mascara. After you have gotten all of the junk off of your face, wipe off the balm with a warm washcloth. I use this one at night because it can tend to leave my skin feeling really dewy, not ideal for applying makeup in the morning.

 The next step is to cleanse! I recently bought this Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash from The Body Shop and I have to say, so far I love it! It really cools while I wash and does not leave my skin feeling too tight after. My skin has always responded well to tea tree oil so incorporating this into my routine was a no-brainer. I think in the 2 weeks I’ve had this, it really has helped to keep my skin calm and almost acne free. In the morning, I use the cleanser with a Rite-Aid brand cleansing brush (a much cheaper Clarisonic option). My face feels so clean and smooth after that additional scrubbing is not usually necessary. Once a week, I do use an actual scrub in addition to the brush and cleanser. My scrub of choice is the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub. Rather than the super harsh particles in the apricot scrub, this one has round microbeads. These still get the job done but don’t end up irritating your skin even more.

Now that my skin is completely clean, I like to use a toner. This one from Boots Botanics (available at Target), is really great because it gets anything that the cleanser left behind and brightens my skin. I just swipe it all over my face, avoiding the eye area, with a cotton ball. As I said above, I recently went to the The Body Shop. In addition to the tea tree cleanser, I picked up the Skin Clearing Lotion. I have been using this my daily moisturizer for 2 weeks and I really am liking it. It has that strong tea tree smell (that I kind of like!) so I feel like it is really treating my skin and moisturizing at the same time. Its a pretty light moisturizer, which is great for summer and it also is supposed to help keep shine at bay. I would definitely recommend the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop!

I hope everyone enjoyed having a look into my daily skincare routine! I love seeing products that other people with similar skin types use and am always up for recommendations! If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!

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